Friday, March 23, 2012

No WAY to Catch UP!

Wow, does time fly!!?!? Ryder is 14 months old now and FULL OF LIFE! He is trying to run all over the place now, he tries to walk backwards, and around in circles, until he gets dizzy and falls down! When he falls down he gets right back up and says "Ta-Down!" and throws his arms above his head!
Ryder LOVES his KK and gets so excited everytime we talk about her! KK was the 1st person besides me to get a kiss on the mouth from Ryder!
He is saying all sorts of things now... he will just go on and on talking in jibberish about a rock or his stuffed puppy and kitten... and then THERE ARE REAL WORDS!!
Some things he can say by 14 months are:
Hey There!
I see you!
Want see that one!
Bye bye
Dog (sounds like DOCK!)
Kii-kii (Kitty)
Bubba (his do-dah)
All Done
Mama (Hardly EVER! Whats up with that?)
Seep (sleep)
Ight (light)
T (t.v.)
Brrrrrr (anything with wheels)
Fowr (flower)
Ta-Du (thank you)
Nack (snack)

I think he's doing pretty darn good! Ryder is the sweetest little boy ever! I wake to him around 8 every morning... I hear him talking to Scout the dog over the monitor and he is always just so happy! We get up and watch cartoons in my bed and he just lays on my until he finished his morning milk and then it is PLAYTIME!! He loves trucks and balls! And books and animals! He get so excited anytime a dog or cat comes around he just squeals with glee and doesn't know how to express his excitement! He will very slowly lean down and hug the cat/dog around the neck and gently pat them on the back and he loves to give kisses to them! He also loves dog slob all over his face. Gross.

We just went to Ft. Walton Beach for my Spring Break and he had the best time ever! A girl that was in a pagent stopped to give him her lay, the bartender made special shakes for him and we found out he LOVES cherries! He holds them by the stem and just pops them off in his mouth! (We got cups of cherries) When we 1st went down to the ocean, he FREAKED out in the sand. I was so worried that the trip was a terrible mistake adn he was going to be miserable. He HATED the sand sticking to his hands and feet and kept trying to brush his hands off. He had a hard time walking in the sand too, but boy when we went to the waters edge, he forgot all about that and wanted to go clear to Mexico! He wasnt afraid of the water AT ALL and soon loved the sand too!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Time flies when we're having fun! :) I finally turned 21 on the 17th, and now Ryder is already 3 months old! He loves to be held by his hands so he can stand up like a big boy! And thanks to Aunt Mary, we now get to enjoy the Bumbo seat! :) Ryder and Colt had a great time the other day playing in Uncle Josh's truck. Ryder just sat there smiling and almost falling over while Colt was jumping all over the seat! Colt loves Ryder too. He tried to give Ryder Josh's wallet, but Ryder doesn't believe in stealing money, so he didnt take it!
It's a lot of work I must admit to raise a child, especially as a single Mom... but I love every minute of it! From the time I wake him up to go to daycare he is smiling and stretching! We like to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, and he's just big enough for his umbrella stroller so we get to walk around the neighborhood and get some of that good VitaminD! The hardest part is probably preparing for each day... and the worst part is WASHING BOTTLES!! Boy, do they get dirty fast! He is such an easy baby though and I'm really blessed for that. He only really cries if he's hungry or tired of not being held, or being held! We just don't like to be doing the same thing for too long! Which is great really since I am a "go-er" and always ready to be on the move! KK made an adorable Easter outfit and we're taking pictures today for Easter Cards, so you'll see them later! This weekend we're making a trip to Montgomery to see our Grandpa, Great-Grandma, KK and Poppa John! Im sure we'll end up making several stops to see some of my old buddies as well. Then, for Easter we will be going to Aunt Elyse's and Uncle Brians to spend Easter with Troy and Justin! We are excited!!
Im so glad I have such an awesome, adorable baby! It's really hard to go ANYWHERE because we get stopped by every man, woman, and child "Oh what a cute baby!" I love it!
Here are his 3 Month Pics I took this Morning!
Time to Wake Up!!

We Love Mr. Ziggy!

Love My Baths :)

Ready for Daycare!
And My Sweet Chunky Bumbo Boy! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Goo goo goo gooo.... umph

Ryder is the most talkative little thing I've ever heard! K.K. and I decided he will be the class clown since he is always happy and talks so much! He LOVES to be talked to too! He will just smile and squeal and grunt adn coo and goo! It is soo so much fun! I can't wait to hear what he is actually trying to say to me! And the sweetest thing is when he is in the middle of drinking his bottle and he'll just stop and all see that big ole mouth in a wide-open smile! He's just PRECIOUS! I am 100% obsessed with my son.
Here is him last night while we were having a conversation....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

11 weeks already GONE!

It's really crazy how quick time flies when you're having fun!! I can't believe Ryder is almost 3 months old! He weighed in at 12# 9oz when he was 2 months, and is no doubt over 13#s now!! Such a big little booger! :) It's crazy to think about how little he was when he was born! He only weighed 6# 11oz and 20" long! Now he is 23"!! I remember I could easily touch my fingers together when I wrapped them around himn thigh... now, not even CLOSE! All that good Mommy Milk paid off! He LOVES bath time too! It's so funny when he smiles as soon as you start pouring water over him! I'm amazed at the personalities little kids have from the day they're born! Likes and dislikes... everything! They're just little people with preferences! Here is his 11 week picture from this morning. Im going to have to back-track and add earlier pictures when I get a chance to download...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Get Down to Business, Shall We?

Time truley flies when you're having fun! Every morning when Ryder wakes up he's ready to tackle the day! 1st of course with many exaggerated yawns and stretches... then with a big old smile and a lot of smiles! :) Today he wore his outfit made by my friends Marley & Mallory Hughes from mcm (mycrazy mess)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pics that Need a Place!

Colt had fun with his visit from Ryder late last night.... they played "handshake" and jump in the chair!

Silly Boy!!


I woke up at 4:30 Friday morning freaking out!! Where is Ryder and why isn't he CRYING!?! WELL, my big boy has slept through the night!! I was so happy to walk into his room at the break of dawn and find him sleeping peacefully in his crib! He woke up at 5:30 that 1st morning and then went back to sleep until I had to wake him at 8:15! Boy, was he HAPPY!! I figured it was just an April Fools joke he was playing, but last night was his 3rd night in a row! I am so proud of my chubby monkey!

Here is him once he woke up and was ready for daycare ...

He is the happiest little baby I've ever seen!